Flying over the Grand Canyon with Papillon Helicopters

A helicopter tour is an ideal way to explore the Grand Canyon. There are so many different ways to discover the Grand Canyon, but the views from above are beyond description. There’s seriously nothing better than enjoying views like this.

After watching the sunrise, it was the first thing we did in the morning. We booked an early tour so we could spend the rest of the day hiking. The Grand Canyon Airport is a few minutes away from the village and we arrived 30 minutes before departure to check in. Before leaving they show you a short video with emergency instructions and in the remaining time you just have to wait – so exciting!

We did the North Canyon Tour with Papillon Helicopters. It’s a 30-minute flight with 5 other passengers, but really no one gets disappointed. It gives all passengers sat on either side the perfect view. When you book the tour, you have to pass on your weight and this is how they determine the seatings. When I saw our fellow passengers I was a bit worried. Most of them were men and there was one other woman who was also taller than me. So as expected  I was in the middle of the helicopter, but I enjoyed the view as much as the rest of the passengers. So don’t worry about it!

My boyfriend (who became my hubs-to-be later that day – !yay!) doesn’t like heights, but once in the air he was completely fine. It was a smooth flight and the views were so breathtaking, you just don’t think about anything anymore.

I definitely recommend a helicopter tour when you’re near the Grand Canyon. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and absolutely worth the money.


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