One day in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City, the place we never thought to go until (a travel agency that will take you to a destination unknown) brought us here. It’s the lively and cheerful capital of an adorable little country. It’s just not the smallest country in Europe, but despite the small surface it’s very diverse. The city is a combination of shiny new high-tech buildings and old buildings with a rich historical experience – and the remaining area is covered with nicely decorated green zones.

In Luxembourg many nice walks through the city and nature have been mapped out, an ideal way to explore the area. My tip: departure from the historic center to finally arrive in the modern parts of the new city center. The old city of Luxembourg has been UNESCO World Heritage for a long time.

The Grand Duchy has an enormous wealth of touristic opportunities and attractions. It offers a perfect alternation between culture and nature. It’s also easy to get around and to see a lot in a short time. Two major sights are “Le Chemin de la Corniche” and the “Casemates du Bock”.

Le Chemin de la Corniche

Both locals and tourists call this the most beautiful balcony in Europe. It gives you the wonderful opportunity to look out on the historic monuments of the low city of Luxembourg.


Casemates du Bock

A bit further you will find the Casemates, a tunnel system in rock formations. These underground tunnels are centuries old and take you through a piece of European history. Take your time to explore the mysterious dark Casemates and prepare yourself for loads of dead ends. A walk with countless steps awaits you.

Luxembourg is on two levels and the most important part (including the two preceding sights) takes place on the upper part but also the lower part is very charming. So don’t forget to go downstairs, you’ll find beautiful gardens there with the dramatic Casemates in the background.

City center

Visiting Luxembourg City is almost the same as a relaxed, easy-going day. The city center is compact which means you’re on the other side in no time. So you don’t have to be stressed about wanting to see a hundred things.

We slept at the hotel “Le Royal” near the new city center. The rooms are very modern and in the parking lot you can enjoy the view of fancy cars.

If you’re looking for a special city trip then you should take a look at the city of Luxembourg. The spacious green areas invite you to relax and the pedestrian zone has a wide choice of shops and prestigious boutiques. Even if Luxembourg is not at the top of your list, consider a visit anyway. It really is a fairtytale city where Grand Dukes reign from a proud palace.

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