One of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca

The boyfriend and I needed a break from home, so we flew to Mallorca for a few days. We didn’t want to spend the whole day at the pool and decided to rent a car to explore the island. There are several companies that rent cars, but our choice went to a local company in the street of our hotel. Usually these companies are cheaper and they also have good cars available.

We did a road trip to a small beach in the southeast of Mallorca: Caló des Moro. For me, it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca because of its turquoise-colored crystal clear water. It’s located in a bay with steep cliffs, so the beach doesn’t run for miles as usual and it just looks like a dream.

It’s a bit difficult to find and the descent is extremely steep but I promise you that it’s all worth the effort.

How to get to Caló des Moro:

Drive to Carrer des Caló des Moro and park your car on the side of the road. It’s about half an hour walk to the beach and a narrow trail starts at the end of Carrer des Caló des Moro. There are a few different trails and you may choose the wrong direction. But don’t worry about that because you’ll bump into some lovely views. You must continue walking straight through the first turns until you end up in a small “forest”. From there you can see the bay and walk towards the beach along the cliffside.

If you want to go, please be careful because at some points it’s very dangerous. Eventually you arrive at the beach and you only have to make the descent. There’s a steep staircase and then you can finally take the fresh dive you deserve.

Today it’s no longer the secret place it used to be, many tourists have found their way here. So it’s a good idea to come in the morning to get a good place on the beach.

All I can say is if you are visiting Mallorca, Caló des Moro should be at the top of your list!

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