Romantic Rome: Tips to get the most of your trip

In 2013 my boyfriend and I made our first trip together. It was actually a surprise for my birthday so I didn’t know we were going to Rome. The fact that Rome is pretty romantic makes it perfect to do as a couple.

We both were excited to leave our comfort zone and get on that plane, because traveling with your partner for the first time can be quite challenging. But for us, it all went very well. Rome is a city full of rich history, it’s an open-air museum and truly every building is beautiful. If you’re wondering which places you really can’t miss during your stay, take a look at my list.

The Colloseum and the Roman Forum

When you think of Rome, the first thing that comes to mind is the giant Amphitheater, right? Make sure to spend some time exploring the inside, you won’t regret this.

The Roman Forum is right next to the Colloseum, ideal for combining these two. Walk among the ruins and live in the world of ancient Rome.

Tip: Buy your tickets online to avoid crazy lines. If you didn’t get one online, join the line at the Roman Forum and buy a combined ticket. This line will be a lot shorter.

Il Vittoriano

This building is located a few meters next to the Roman Forum. Because of this you don’t actually need public transportation in Rome, so you can enjoy the Roman air while going from monument to monument. From the roof you have a panoramic view of the city. The elevator brings you up for €7.

Tip: Do this first in the morning, so you can quietly enjoy your walk on the panoramic terrace.

Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon

The Trevi fountain is the most famous and popular fountain in Rome. Take a look, throw a coin in the water and go get an ice cream at Giolitti. It’s really the best ice cream in the city.

The Pantheon is near the Trevi fountain, so you can do both in one day. Go inside (it’s free to enter) and experience the light under the dome.

Vatican City

During your stay in Rome, a visit to Vatican City can’t be missed. It’s the smallest state in the world and yet there’s a lot to see. The famous sights are St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square, Castel Sant’Angelo and the Sistine Chapel. From the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica you have the best view of Rome.

Tip: Make sure your arms and legs are covered, otherwise you will not get in.

It was impossible for us to walk here which gave us the idea to rent a scooter. You’ll do a lot of walking to experience Rome, so if you want to get rid of sore feet this is a must do. The traffic is crazy, but if you fancy a trip to Rome, you should definitely experience it that way too. You’re feeling like a real Italian and we had so much fun that we even ended up on the highway – oops!

Spanish Steps

Both tourists and the Romans come here together in the evening. It’s a busy place and yet pleasant to just sit and watch people from these steps.




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