Take an airboat ride through the Everglades

The Everglades – a unique piece of nature that mainly consists of marsh. It’s definitely a highlight of your Florida trip. There are several possibilities to discover Everglades National Park. Just think of a walk on specially designed trails or spotting wild animals while canoeing. But another fantastic way to visit the Everglades is with an airboat. It’s an unforgettable experience and it gives you the opportunity to see wild alligators.

Airboats have a flat bottom and a large fan on the back for the drive. They make a lot of noise, but you’ll get earplugs to block this out. There are various operators of airboat tours and they all have experienced guides, so it’s not hard at all to find a ride.

The tour starts quietly and after a few minutes you’re already in a totally different world. There’s no sign of human life anywhere around and now you’ll start spotting gators and other creatures. As the airboat goes faster, you’ll be sliding over and through grasses and other vegetation. The sliding across the water’s surface gives you the feeling that you’re flying.

Tips for your visit to the Everglades

– Bring lots of water, sunscreen (especially in summer) and mosquito repellent. The summers here are hot and humid, which makes it not the best time for wildlife spotting. But you can’t come to Florida without seeing an alligator, so plan your trip in the morning and you’ll be lucky enough to spot one or more from a distance.

– The Everglades cover the entire southern tip of Florida, so make sure you got a good map when you go hiking.

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